Coder for a product configurator. Paid

We are a small ad agency from Germany and would like to create a product configurator for one of our customers. Unfortunately we lack the coding skills. That’s why we are looking for a Java Script coder, who has experience with Playcanvas.
The configurator will consist of around 60 individual elements that can be combined. But there will only be a maximum of 5 visible at the same time (maybe more at a later stage).
The elements belong to different groups. Depending on the user’s selection different Groups will be available for placement.
The configurator will be integrated in a landing page. Below the configurator a printable list of the selected elements should be displayed along with their ID, name and price.

We would create the landing Page, the scene in Playcanvas with all the 3d elements, materials, lights and stuff and the coder would provide the functionality for the configurator and the interaction between landing page and configurator.

This would of course be a paid job.

Hi, my name is Pablo Caviglia.
I’m a developer with 15+ years of experience. Have experience on others 3d frameworks like unity and andengine.
I’ve started to work a few months ago with playcanvas, i dont have a big portfolio of things done with it, but it’s pretty similar in many aspects to others frameworks.
Please contact me if you want to know something else about me and my experience.

mobile +598 91 744 036


  Pablo Caviglia