Code generator for game!

Ok so I’m trying to make a ingame code generator and ingame code redeemer so basically I want to make a code generator that generates codes for my specific game and a code redeemer or should I just do it the easy way and send out codes on social media and have the user email me the code to get the game website.But Im looking to use twillo to do the verifaction and generate codes

What will the code be used for? Give items in the game? To buy the game itself? Are you looking for a storefront so users can buy the game? Passwords to unlock a game site?

Can you give an example of the flow from the users point of view?

Oh thats easy so I did this but idk if its the most efficient way to do it so basically the code just links to the game website but I wanna make it so passwords unlock the game site any ideas?

So for passwords to unlock the site, you will need a backend server that has an end point (PHP or node.js with a data base) that you can query the codes you generate against.

You should also modify the loading script of the game needs to pass the code to the server in order to retrieve the game script asset.

The reason for this,you want to prevent people from just being able to share the link to the actual game and also prevent client side tampering of bypassing the verify code page/code.

hmm I think I’ve think I had seen a the node.js code generator before I might have to watch a few videos on this.Btw that website was just something simple I cam up with heh

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