Code Editor not saving active line number

Hey, I found a problem with the code editor that irritates me quite a bit, and want to know if there is a fix out there.

If you use Ctr+Shift+F to find a line in the code, then click that line to open the correct code file, the line will not be saved, meaning if you then change to another code tab and back you will be left at the top (or where you last saved a line selection) of the file. This leads to quite a lot of confusion when following references in the code.

Hi @Mads_Nielsen ,

Hmm, indeed I can reproduce, it seems no matter the interaction (click, type, scroll), going back to the tab resets scrolling to top.

Would you like to submit an issue about it in the editor repo?


I’ll submit a bug report :slight_smile:

thanks for linking it, forgot where to post those.

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