Code editor caching/not refreshing?

Working in the code editor today and, when I make a change to my script, save and relaunch, I received errors that identify coding that I have either remarked out or, deleted altogether. The red band/bar that identifies the code in question is either superimposed over code that has been remarked out with “//” characters or is occupying the line where I just deleted the code. This happened multiple times during the 13:30 to 13:45 local time (20:30 - 20:45 UTC). This is also atypical of my normal experience with the code editor. Are there maintenance routines running or is there some other explanation?


Can you please share a project link? If it’s private can you add vaios so I can have a look?


Hello Vaios,
I have just added you to the project. Yes it is private customer work so I ask that it be kept confidential. I appreciate your looking into this issue. I have been working on the project today and have not experienced the the same issues. Will was also in touch regarding this query.

OK if it happens again let us know. Also it’d be useful to know if it works after you refresh the Code Editor page. There is a known bug that if you leave the Code Editor page open and your computer goes to sleep for a few hours e.g. if you leave it open and come back to work on it the next day, the Code Editor and the Editor will lose connection and won’t be able to reconnect until you refresh. We are still looking into that issue.

I will definitely be in touch if it happens again and I’ll keep in mind the known bug regarding leaving the page open for prolonged periods. Thanks again for your kind assistance! - M