Code editing on mobile

Morning! Does anyone do any script editing on a mobile or tablet and if so how do you do it and what do you use?

I’m yet to find an application that can point at and edit hosted files and I can’t use the on site editor as scrolling up and down does not work with touchscreens

First thing I’d say here is that the PlayCanvas Script Editor clearly has a bug here. It should certainly allow you to scroll. I’ve now logged that in our bug database. I’ll report back when this is resolved.

Beyond the PlayCanvas Script Editor, I can’t really advise. Anyone else have any experience with mobile code editors?

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Aah! I thought the code editor was provided by someone externally and as such you wouldn’t make changes to it. Being able to scroll that would solve most of my problems to be fair, though still interested with a coding app for offline times, if anyone has any suggestions.

Well, if you use Android mobile, I can recommend Quoda for code editing. It’s available at Google Play.