Code archive based on project type

Hello, i have browsed the web to find a javascript code for an rpg inventory, and i noticed that other platforms have some kind of archive of codes where developers can draw the resurces for their projects. I think that’s pretty useful to attract more newbie developers and github is not very helpful for that either. So every time i will succesfully make a code work i will put it online writing as much explanations as i can, and will post the link here in the forum. If some other developer want do the same is welcome.

It is useful to share code and experience along the learning path.
Just don’t expect people would re-use that code much, reality shows that usually code is written to do exact thing - is best code, and as experience grows this is usually a case - code is re-written from scratch for different project.
Reusability - is great and optimistic idea, but reality is slightly less bright :slight_smile:

Just as a note.

Btw, people on forums ask sometimes same questions, and usually they are pretty simple to show in small project.
So if you feel like that can be done as well - that would be amazing. Simple project with simple code and comments, just does exact thing, no more. That is useful for community indeed.

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I will try to help with that as well Max, now that i’m regaining my sanity now that i’m on holidays for 10th days after 3 months of 12/14 hrs/day at work. Well i’ve been always optimistic who knows…life is unpredictable :stuck_out_tongue: