CocoonJS: WKWebView for iOS 8 and WebGL on Android Wear

Hello everyone,

I am writing on behalf of Ludei, the creators of CocoonJS, a great way to create mobile HTML5-native hybrid apps. We have been closely involved with PlayCanvas for quite some time now and we wanted to share some great news with you. As you may know, we provide an accelerated lightweight Canvas environment for WebGL (called Canvas+) so it can be a great fit for many PlayCanvas projects running on iOS 5.0+ and Android 2.3+.

1.- CocoonJS is the first (and for now only) platform to provide a way to compile fully standalone apps that use the new iOS 8 WKWebView. This new WKWebView (called WebView+ for iOS inside CocoonJS) provides JIT compilation so enables all the performance power of mobile Safari on iOS hybrid apps (compared to the not JIT accelerated UIWebView). The WKWebView has a bug that does not allow to access the file system but Ludei has solved the problem before anyone else!

You can try to performance boost of this new webview in our CocoonJS Launcher App (and also compile final projects in the CocoonJS cloud). Look for the app on iTunes and GooglePlay by searching for “cocoonjs”.

2.- CocoonJS is the only platform that allows HTML5 apps on Android Wear. Check out the following post and video!

I’m attempting to test a Playcanvas app on Coccoonjs and having some problems.

I tried using both their web site and their Andoid app “coccoon developer”. For some unknown reason Coccoon is wrapping around the Playcanvas app and “stealing” the click events that relate to dragging when using hammerJS inside Playcanvas. Do you know how to export a Playcanvas app to CoccoonJS without Cacoon interfering with the behaviour of it?

Is there a tutorial anywhere that shows a good way to go about this? How does CoccoonJS gather the user events on mobile like touch, multitouch, drag, tap?