☑ Cocoon.io, Canvas+ and WebGL error


We are trying our PlayCanvas app with Cocoon.io and having some issues with Canvas+, app doesn’t load with no visible or console errors. Using a Webview+ or Webview works normally.

We tried a PlayCanvas tutorial as well and that isn’t working with Canvas+ either (Webview+/Webview works normally).

We verified the loading order step by step and it seems that it stops here with the following error:

start_.js, line 103:

console.log('This page requires a browser that supports WebGL.<br/>' +
                    '<a href="http://get.webgl.org">Click here to find out more.</a>');

It seems that PlayCanvas doesn’t recognize Canvas+ as a WebGL enabled browser. I am posting first here, though it might be a Cocoon issue.


I just tried the Flappy Bird app in the latest Cocoon Developer App on iOS:

Notice I’m using the /e link. This removes the containing iframe for a published app.

For WebView+, I get:

But for Canvas+, I get:

Looks like the fault may well lie with Cocoon and not PlayCanvas. It’s probably worth chasing them directly, but we are more than happy to help them diagnose the problem.

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Hi @will thanks for the reply.

I pretty much think the fault lies in one of the latest updates of Cocoon. I have posted on their forums as well:

For anyone experiencing the same, the problem is with the url. Apparently the PlayCanvas Canvas+ documentation is outdated and the specific url which works with the Cocoon dev app is something like this:


You can find it by inspecting the iframe element when loading the normal built/published app.

Did you confirm that http://playcanv.as/e/b/97eKfsUm/ didn’t work?

That is a better URL to use.

Hmm, strange I am sure that I tried with the /e/ part instead of /index/ and it didn’t work. But you are right @dave it works now. I will start using /e/ again, thanks.