Clustured Lighting Bug on Android (tested on Chrome at Huaweii P30 Pro, and S8)

I’ve recently stumbled across a weird bug, happening on my new Huaweii P30 Pro, (iPhone 7 seems to be no problem, Samsung S8 I will test tomorrow)
See this demo:

Same thing here with the playcanvs demo:

On my device (Huaweii P30 Pro) only the green light is rendering. I tried a similar three.js demo, which seems to be working (although I don’t know if those lights are comparable)

In the original project, which led me to the issue, I think I sometimes could get 2 lights working by enabling/disabling the second light (or at least it looked that way).

Maybe It’s just an error with the weird Huaweii OS + Chrome Combi (or Biden is boycotting China products to only 1 light :slightly_smiling_face: ), but maybe someone could verify that.

As always thanks for any support.

Oh that is not looking good … I just tested on my S8, and get the same error (only green light is working).
Any thoughts on this?

Can you please take a look at this @mvaligursky?

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Ok I think I found some details:
The issue is probably related to clustered lighting. If I disable “Clustered Lighting” under the Setttings → Rendering Tab, the lights are working correctly.

Here are my Links:
My testproject (now public): PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
Here a build with clustered lighting, not working correctly on android:
Lighting Test - PLAYCANVAS

Here without clustered lighting, working correctly:

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I’ll see if we can investigate this in more detail next week, when back from holidays. Can you please create a ticket on Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

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Done. Thanks and happy holidays!

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I can confirm that we are facing the same issue.
We have tested on a Galaxy Tab A8 (SM-X200) with Android 13.
All non android devices seem to perform as expected.

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