Cloth Simulation

I know this is either very simple or very difficult, but I’m looking to implement cloth physics.
There’s already an example project, but it uses the legacy animation system and the old model system, making it incompatible with Renders and Anims.
Is there a way I can still use the project?

The original blog article is here: Implementing Cloth Simulation in WebGL | PlayCanvas

Note: This is a R&D demo, not officially supported feature.

From what I can see, the actual simulation is not dependent on model and animation systems. It just needs the mesh instances which you can get from the render component.

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Edit2: Fixed. Thank you wayback machine!


Hey @yaustar!
You’re probably right, but when I uploaded a render, it gave me an error.

Any idea what’s wrong?

You will have to update the code to get the mesh instances from the render component as I mentioned in my last post

Right, right, sorry!
I completely missed that.
I’ll try my best, thanks for the assistance!