[CLOSED] Is it possible to highlight vertices in a cube?

I already found out how to apply transparency to materials but now I would like the cubes to highlight their vertices so the user can see the shape better. Is it possible to do that?

I am not sure about vertices, but you can definitely render the polygons using the wireframe mode on a model.

Try searching the forum for wireframe and you will come up with a number of topics on that.

Thanks, I’ve just tried the wireframe method but it doesn’t show anything. I was wondering if I could add an image with transparency and solid borders and add it to the cube. The problem is that I know how to apply transparency to a color, but to an image. When I use a png image with transparency it shows the transparency black in the model.

I am not sure about that, but I’ve just tried doing wireframe on a blank Playcanvas project. It works as expected.

Here you can check the code in the wireframe.js script:


Ok, I’ve just tried the code you used for the wireframes but it didn’t work. My cubes just keep showing their material. I don’t think I can highlight the vertices with playcanvas :S
Thanks for trying to help.

You can probably get the vertices information from the mesh instance or the mesh data.

Can you provide a link to the project where you are having trouble with showing the wireframe?

I’m already working in another solution, thank you for your time.
I’m gonna make materials out of an box image with the border in solid color and the area inside the border will have 70% opacity. I gave it a try and it’s working, now I have to make the border wider to see it better.

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