Cloning mechanics

Alright so Im making a building mechanic. When the entity is enabled, I want it to make a clone, disable the main entity and have the clone play out a script. How would I do this?

Hi @Maximos_Finley! What would be the use case? From which entity or script do you want to clone?

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i have a button, when you press it i want it to make a clone of the table model i have. and then the clone would go to where your mouse is until you click it and then it would stay in that position.

This requires some steps to do and I can’t explain them in detail because they depend on your setup.

You need to use a raycast to get the mouse position in the world.

If the raycast has a result, you can use for example result.point as position for the clone.

Below a basic clone example.

var clone ='Table').clone();'Root').addChild(clone);

Maybe my Drag and Drop example project can also help you.