Cloned particle system not random

I’m cloning an existing (inactive) particle system and all the resulting instances look exactly the same. I assume it’s also cloning the random seed or something? Is there a way to reset it or a better way to spawn instances of a particle system so that they all have the same settings but different randomness?

Hi @Tyler, I think this should be the expected behavior, I don’t think there is default seed for particles playing.

Both cpu/gpu updaters try to spawn random positions:

It might be a bug with the gpu updater starting at the same frame. Could you raise a bug issue on the engine repo about this?

Did some more experimenting, turns out it has nothing to do with cloning and happens even if you create multiple emitters in the scene with the same settings. I’m pretty new to playcanvas so I could be missing something really obvious.

Here’s a simple project to demonstrate the issue I’m seeing

Figured it out, I needed to call reset() on the particle system for it to actually set the random seed, otherwise it’s always 0. Not sure if this is documented anywhere but if anyone else is having this issue, that’s the solution.