Clone / Export / Fork Project with all branches

maybe a very simple thing, but I’m unable to fork or export or duplicate a project with all branches (or any other branches). I only have the master after that.
Thanks for a hint

Hi @Patrick_Munster,

This is correct. Whenever a projects is forked or exported, it only includes a copy of the master branch. I’m not sure if that is a planned change for the future or not.

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You are able to export any branch (currently only available via the REST API) but you cannot export or fork a project with all checkpoints and branches.


Well, that’s a little impractical. But thanks for the clarification! I thought I was doing something wrong.
So, there is no chance to move project to another account with all the branches, right?

Unfortunately. It’s unusual for someone to want to do that as usually, the branches are WIP/feature and would be merged into the master branch once work is completed.

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Yeah, I think we have a special situation with multiple developers and different release states of the project which are split up in some braches (cause of reasons :sweat_smile:).
But thanks for the reply. We’ll try to merge it.

Ah, that’s an interesting use case. I guess that makes sense if you have different branches per target platform :thinking:

I will add a request for it as that’s valid use case. I can imagine this would be pretty complicated on the backend but it be good to think about


Not sure if this is helpful to you, this tool allows you to archive/export all branches of a project. You still can’t import them into a single project though. Each branch can only be imported into it’s own project


Oh yes, this is helpful! Awesome tool.

Hey @yaustar Is there any updates on forking a project with all the branches for testing purpose ?