Client and server comunication.... Need Serious Help

Ok, I have figured out some information on how multiplayer works. I am using a website known as awardspace to create a web domain. Here is what I need help with:

I have a chromebook… It is not comatible with windows or mac software, the only things it can do are things in the web browser. How can I set up a script in playcanvas with the domain, to create a server that exists in the web browser, not the computer itself. I can not run a server on this chromebook as far as I know. So what I need to know is how to set up the server without installing any additional programs / apps on this chromebook. There will be more questions to follow, so I may need a lot of help with this…

To be more specific, I am using php and a MySQL database, that I wish to include in the multiplayer system. This system will be used for data persistance to save and load player data. The client (playcanvas) will send values from the player’s data script, to the php files, which will then transfer that data to and from the database.

Thanks in advanced.