Clicking on Entities with Picker

Hello all,
I’ve gotten off to a great start with Play Canvas and its an awesome engine so far! I’m learning how to register a click on an entity and call a function when that happens. I’ve got the code from the picker_raycast tutorial, but I cannot seem to detect when I click on a specific entity. Here is how I have everything setup:

  1. I have a model that when users click on a specific area a function will be called. I don’t want a click on anywhere on the model to registers a click, just a specific part.

  2. I define that specific part by using a blank entity with a rigid body and collision (set extents to cover the area I am interested in) component. The script to carry out the action is attached to the blank entity. See below:

    pc.script.create(‘picker_raycast’, function (app) {
    // Creates a new PickerRaycast instance
    var PickerRaycast = function (entity) {
    this.entity = entity;

     PickerRaycast.prototype = {
         // Called once after all resources are loaded and before the first update
         initialize: function () {
             app.mouse.on(pc.input.EVENT_MOUSEDOWN, this.onSelect, this);
         onSelect: function (e) {
             var from = this.entity.getPosition();
             var to = this.entity.getParent().findByPath("Camera").camera.screenToWorld(e.x, e.y, this.entity.getParent().findByPath("Camera").camera.farClip);
   , to, function (result) {
                 var pickedEntity = result.entity;
         // Called every frame, dt is time in seconds since last update
         update: function (dt) {
     return PickerRaycast;