Click an Entity to open a UI

How can I open a UI with information of the Entity clicked?

Your question is a bit vague… In order for people to be able to help you you need to mention exactly how you want this “UI” to look like and describe a scenario. A drawing would help as well… What sort of UI?

Also what exactly are you having a problem with? Is it how do you know if an Entity is clicked? Is it how do you make user interfaces? Break your problem into smaller problems and research each one first.

My scenary is a room with furnitures, and I need when i click for example on a table, open an html interface with the name of the table, the price an one button. But i don’t know hot to code it.

Here’s a few tutorials that should give you some inspiration. The are about entity picking, and HTML user interfaces:

Thanks! I go to look it :slight_smile: