Clarification on FPS

I have an android device with 3gb ram and Processor with Rk3399 with clocking speed of 1.7ghz - Screen dimension of 1920 *1080.

Which doesn’t GPU

I am getting 35FPS max, whatever the game engine is FPS is 35Max.

When ever i update the Material, the game lags. I have only 3 materials in game.

What are the things i should have in mind for optimization. What is you’re recommendation and opinion about the device spec

Hi @bharathy.261991,

The game lagging while updating materials most likely is happening due to PlayCanvas compiling the required shaders. That’s expected, that lag will most likely happen even on more powerful devices.

What developers usually do to mitigate that is to have their materials compile as soon as the game starts, so avoid updating materials later on, and prepare everything in advance.

For the FPS you are getting most likely it’s due to the device being less powerful. Try disabling Device Pixel Ratio in your project settings to reduce the resolution the game is rendering to, that will most definitely increase the FPS.

And do check the Performance section on the user manual, you will find there lot’s of tips and strategies to increase performance: Optimization Guidelines | Learn PlayCanvas

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