Clarification about pricing

Hi, I’m very interested in using PlayCanvas for my upcoming WebGL projects and just want to clarify the pricing. From what I gather; I can use the engine in my game completely free doing everything in code locally and having to pay comes in if I want to use your hosting and online tools.

Is this accurate ? Thanks.

You can use the open source engine on GitHub for free. However, it’s much easier to build your projects with our tools on When you register, you get a free account, but it is limited in a number of ways. You have to work in public (other community members can observe you building your projects), you can only collaborate with one other user, and you have limited server storage. To work in private, build bigger teams or build bigger projects, you should upgrade to a monthly subscription. The account options are listed here.

Note that you can publish your game anywhere and PlayCanvas takes 0% royalty. You keep any revenue you generate. You only pay for your subscription (if you need one). Plus you can purchase support from us if necessary (if a 5 day turnaround on issue resolution is too long for you).

Great, thanks for the clarification.

Hello Will,

If i purchase just for some months a subscription … so i edited the splash screen of my project.

What will happens with the splash screen after i wont continue paying the subscription ?

If i work directly with the API … I’ll need to charge the splash screen of Playcanvas ??

Thanks for your attention,

@Laraquet That is permissible…whether you consider it ‘fair’ is another matter. :wink:

If you just use the engine (without the Editor), you can do whatever you like. You don’t have to display anything about PlayCanvas.