City scale size

I’m planning to build a small city simulation. I have read that the PlayCanvas editor considers 1 scale unit equivalent to 1 meter. If I am to simulate a small city of 10 km by 10 km kilometers, my scene will have 10,000 scale units by 10,000 scale units. Can that be a problem? Should I scale things down, say to 1 meter = 0.1 scale unit?

Will you be using physics? If not, you can do either method. I vaguely remember another forum member having issues with large distances and rendering.

If you are using physics, I would stick with 1 unit = 1m

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If you work at 1 unit = 1 M on large scale projects, one thing to keep in mind is flickering.
It can be solved in most cases but changing your cull settings on your camera, 1m for near near or higher (Depends on how much culling you encounter when the camera is at ground level) and the far to whatever the farthest distance is you will need in game.

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