Chrome apps will close in 2018

We need a new world wide html5 games market :disappointed_relieved:

There is one, it is called: The Web! :slight_smile:
Cool thing about the web, is that you don’t have to go through market, but go through many and even through none, but simply self host and be clever to drive people to it. This is how for example agar or wild or slither worked, and many others.


That is very telling move on behalf of Google. They wanted the Web to be the next big frontier in terms of app platforms, but turns out native mobile apps have won this battle. It’s also worth mentioning that Firefox OS was killed by Mozilla earlier this year.

Native? Nah, it haven’t won, and will never do. They are different mediums, and there will be always audience in both.
Content and delivery methods are totally different on those platforms, so it is here to stay and actually mobile web traffic globally is growing faster than native apps traffic.