Chinese characters not working properly

Hey im trying to get localization working with chinese characters.
I did add them to the characters in the Font asset, but nothing is showing.

Font im using is Corporate S and checking the character map with Windows, i can see that the characters are indeed available.

Whats the problem here?

In the font asset settings, have you added the characters that you are using for Chinese?

See this page for more information:

Thanks for the fast reply,

yes thats what i meant with

Can you post a public link to the project or a small reproducible project?

Also, dumb question from me is did you click on process font after adding the characters?

Yes i did click that button ^^

Unfortunately this is a private project, so i can not share.
But i created a sample project so you can have a look. Same problem:

I’ve just tested the font locally on my Mac for the 賰 character and it doesn’t exist in the font unfortunately.

hmm interesting, it seems like the windows character map program lists the character anyway.
I just tested with word and sure thing the character isn´t available and word automatically switches to an other font.

Thanks for your help!

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