Cheetah3D and PlayCanvas


Does anyone have any experience integrating PlayCanvas with Cheetah3D? Looking to get some living breathing, human commentary on its JS API and advantages it provides for PlayCanvas.


The Cheetah3D home page says:

Import and export of 3D models and animations using popular file types (fbx, stl, 3ds, obj, dae (export only) etc.) enables sharing of content produced with Cheetah3D.

PlayCanvas can import FBX (recommended), OBJ, 3DS and DAE. So you can use Cheetah3D quite happily to create content for PlayCanvas. I don’t know anything about Cheetah3D’s JS API but presumably it’s to script actions within the Cheetah3D interface to automate tasks and extend functionality.

Thanks Will!

Sounds like its time to break out my safety goggles and sledgehammer start experimenting.

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Go for it! Blender is way more popular but it’s always interesting to hear about people’s experiences using other tools!