Chat with me if you’re bored

im making this becaus sometimes i get boared U.U Q.Q

am i the only funny one in this whole place QwQ

Hi @anon26961492! This is a forum meant to help each other, not to post meaningless messages. Continuing to do this will affect your access to the forum.

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o ok im sorry i dident know

Alright, now you know. Do you use PlayCanvas for making a game or something else?

i wanna try making a game how long would it take to make one how long would you say?

its because im new to this

If you have zero experience it will take a long time to understand everything. You can start by following the tutorial that will help you create your first game.

ok thanks

Perhaps come talk on the unofficial PlayCanvas Discord if you’re interested more in chatting than creating.
Or even vice-versa.

oh a dicord? that
work on this computer im using

Discord will work in any Desktop browser. There is also a downloadable client for desktops additionally.
For mobile devices you will need to download the mobile app for your device.

Most Discord servers require account verification:
e.g you need to create a Discord account and verify it by email.

its cuzz the cumputer im using belongs to a school and it has securely -_-

Hmm, securly

you do know wat securely is righ? :no_mouth:

Yes, and i hate it, but, found a way around it

really :scream: you have to tell meh :triumph:

oh ok, delete it lol