Chat BOT integration in project

Hello @yaustar @Leonidas
I want to know if I will be able to integrate any chat bot AI into my project for live questions and answers. Also, it should listen to our voice and reply with a voice too.
Can we do this in playcanvas?


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Of course, you can do this already - just use some javascript / rest API library that allows you to do this, and integrate it to PlayCanvas project.

Do we have some tutorial or steps? For doing these because it is my first time doing this and I have no idea how can I do this. So I need help.

I want to integrate this in my project. I need help with this

This section would be relevant to you:

@mvaligursky Are there any other chatbot AIs that I can implement in my projects? Can I see an example project that has any chat bot implemented? Or is there any tutorial available?


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I don’t have any resources on this, it’s not something I’ve seen done in a public project.

Okay Thanks I will update you if i try integrating it.

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Is this possible with the inworld AI, and if so could someone more experienced please compose a simple tutorial to do so?

Or explain how to do so at all?

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Will this work after i give it a key and character id @Saurav_das1. Thanks for sharing this :smiley:

@Vivek_Kumar_Chaini Yes. Also you can follow the docs : PlayCanvas Plugin | Documentation