Character falling off of plane

I added both collision and rigid body to my player and my plane but every time I run it, my player just falls off like I have no collision and rigid body on. I’ve been trying to fix this and even tried starting over multiple times but the same thing is happening. What’s the problem? What am I doing wrong?

My character falls through the ground even though i have collision and rigid body on for both the entity and the plane

Hi @Casa_Bianca and welcome!

Currently the size of your collision component is very small. I suggest to try to make the values ​​of the X-axis and Y-axis large enough so it covered the size of your world. I also suggest to set the Y-axis to a value like 0.1.

Ohh thank you. So I’ll change the y-axis value to 0.1, how will i change the x-axis so that it covers the world? I cant see when I move the numbers

I”m not sure what you mean, but you just can set the values of the X-axis and Z-axis of the collision component to something like 1000.

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