Character Animation first Frame Glitch

Dear Playcanvas Team,

I have a first frame glitch in my scene with skeleton animations (anim states). About every third time I load the scene the first frame is wrong, and the model switches to the correct position on the second frame.

glitch frame:

Please have a look here: Animation Glitch - PLAYCANVAS

Happy to add someone to the project if needed, but can’t share the scene in a public forum.

Am I doing something wrong?


Odd, I’m not seeing the issue here:

I’m on Chrome Win 10, it also happens on Chrome on Android…

Did you also tried loading page without cache?

Around 0:06, I see the glitch

True, good catch!

(The light is also different in the first frame, this is not really visible at this scene)

Might need to look at the project itself. Can you add ‘yaustar’ and I try to look at it tomorrow

Thanks, just did it!

Repro’ed in fork of the project. Can’t see any obvious issues so will need to ask @Elliott to have a quick look

Thanks, I can also find a workaround like hiding the model for a second or so but maybe it’s easy to solve this w/o a workaround.

This has been fixed in this PR:

It should be released in the next patch (1.50.1) or minor (1.51.0) engine release.


This has now been updated in the Editor :slight_smile:


Works perfect, thanks a lot!

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