Changing texture multiple models at runtime

Hi, I looked at this example and test for my project.

But I have so many models so I’ve implemented material switching method for all material changing

This way, I can change the material without knowing the name of the entity.

Are you saying that you’d like to use texture changing instead of the material changing that you currently use?

No, I’m just using a material change.

I just tried it another way :slight_smile:

Then what is your question? Or would you just like to show developers your alternate approach?

Hi @DevilZ Yeah, I thought at first. There was an error because result is different then I thought.

So I asked for help. But I found a problem and changed, and I didn’t delete the topic.

maybe this topic could help someone. :grinning:

Yes, it certainly may. Perhaps we’ll use this approach in our own projects. Thanks @Jinwoo_Choi.