Changing Scenes

Hi, I’m trying to change a scene when you click a button. Do you guys have any code that you can attach to a button entity that changes the scene when you click it? Thanks

Have you tried adapting some of these project samples to work with a button?

Hey @yaustar
Yes i’ve seen those but i don’t know how they work. I’ll take another look at them and see if i can figure them out.

I took another look at them and they seem really confusing. They added a lot of stuff i don’t think i need. Could you give me some code that just changes scenes on a button click?

Hey @yaustar i still can’t figure it out

Hi @Charlotte_Darracq , “They added a lot of stuff i don’t think i need.”

What part of the code is it that you don’t think you need?

Check the following tutorial in addition on how to execute custom code when clicking a button:

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Hey @Leonidas
for buttons i am trying to use this code

this.entity.element.on(‘click’, function (event) {
//do whatever
}, this);

i don’t know if that works but i’m trying to attach that to a button entity and then put the change scene script inside of that. I just can’t figure out which part of the code in the tutorial I need and what part is for their specific project. Can you just send me the code i need to change the scenes inside my button entity code?

The basic scene changing project is a small amount of code

There’s not much that is project specific in it

I’ve seen the tutorial @yaustar but i don’t know what all the of it does so i can’t modify it to use buttons. I just need to know what each part does and what parts i can modify to put in my function code.

Lets start with the initialise function, what is that doing?

i think it waits a second and then loads the scene. i think that’s the part i need to change but i’m not sure

Good, it’s loading the scene by calling a function that’s on the script. You can use that same function in your own code but instead of use timeout to call the function after a set period of time, you can do it on the click callback of a button press.

thanks @yaustar
what entity should i attach it to? the root, camera, or button

Depends on how you’ve hook up the event listener for the button.

Ok i figured it out. I’ll post the script i used in case anyone else wants to use it.

var ChangingScenes = pc.createScript(‘changingScenes’);

ChangingScenes.attributes.add(“scene1”, {type: “string”, default: “1003945”, title: “Scene ID to Load”});

ChangingScenes.attributes.add(“scene2”, {type: “string”, default: “1003943”, title: “Scene ID to Load”});

ChangingScenes.attributes.add(“scene3”, {type: “string”, default: “0”, title: “Scene ID to Load”});’’’

ChangingScenes.prototype.initialize = function(dt) {'Button').element.on('click', function (event) {
}, this);'me').element.on('click', function (event) {
}, this);


‘’'ChangingScenes.prototype.changeScenes = function(sceneId) {
// Get a reference to the current root object
var oldHierarchy = (‘Root’);

// Load the new scene. The scene ID is found by loading the scene in the editor and 
// taking the number from the URL
// e.g. If the URL when Scene 1 is loaded is:
// The ID is the number on the end (475211)
this.loadScene (sceneId, function () {
    // Once the new scene has been loaded, destroy the old one

    oldHierarchy.destroy ();


ChangingScenes.prototype.loadScene = function (id, callback) {
// Get the path to the scene
var url = id + “.json”;

// Load the scenes entity hierarchy, function (err, parent) {
    if (!err) {
    } else {
        console.error (err);