Changing scenes causes material to dissapear

hi evyerone,
I have a project where im changing between two scenes.
however, when you jump unto scene 2 there is a material consisting of glass that wont render. did anyone experience this before?

Can you post a link to the project please if it’s public?

since its a private project I added you to it

How do you switch scenes? I’m on UI and cannot go to Scene 1

hmm thats odd it worked just before

At a guess, it sounds like you can’t see the skybox. This is because this is part of scene settings and doesn’t get loaded as part of the scene hierarchy. Use this code to load the scene settings too:

sorry I had turned the script off its working now

hmm you mean combine that script with the other or ?
i cant get it working how it is

I’ve added you to a private project with a working version:

thank you so much! what did you change?

I changed the change-scene.js file to match the tutorial sample I linked earlier.

ah like that thanks!