Changing Rendering Fill mode on runtime

Hi @yaustar @Albertos @Leonidas @mvaligursky
I want to change the fill mode (present in rendering settings) on runtime. It is “Fill Window” by default and working fine for mobile devices ( both android and IOS), but for desktop/pc mode , only ‘keep aspect ratio’ is working. I’m trying to change the fill mode on runtime by using the following code while loading the splash screen, but that code is not working as well.

Hi @Ayesha_Irfan,

When you say not working very well? There were a few similar issues in the forum in the past, here is a relevant one that includes a sample project too:

Yes I wrote my recent code provided in above screenshot using this link of project but it is not working in my case as UI is disturbed

Try sharing a sample project if possible, that will help people debug your issue.