Changing levels in a leveled game

I am trying to create a leveled version of the tutorial game as a starting game to learn the interface but when trying to find a way to use the teleport-b 1 to go to the teleport-a 2 in a separate script I have not been successful, is there anything I should try?

Well personally, I just store each level entity in a level folder and enable it when i want it.

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But wouldnt teleporting the entity be easier since you can just write a simple script to teleport entity1 to entity2.

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Well, you could do both. Reset the Player’s position, AND enable a level. Or you could spawn the ball to the next position.

Yeah but it would be easier to teleport or spawn the ball to the position you want since theres not that much coding invloved lol

Different opinions. Both still work. :slight_smile: