Changing font style

we have a game with english fonts at starting but we want now japanese language font it is not working, it is possible or not?
Down image is there in that one, we want to change time date top score these words we want to change in japanese

Is it possible that you just need to change the text and not the font? so just write the chinese characters in the text box? and check if the font supports those characters, and if not, choose another font that does support the characters that you want to use.
get the .ttf font file and drag it onto the Assets panel and then drag it onto the text entity.

its not working i tried many fonts only english supporting not at all changing better suggest me any font.then i copied top score japanese word fromm google i pasted it in Text their showing on launch “Toppu scoru” like that it is showing why i dont know

I’m actually having a similar problem. I’m using the Noto Sans JP font which is a font for japanese language, but I can’t get the text element to display the text. Dunno what’s wrong

It’s been a while since I’ve used this but from what I remember there are two things required in place to add a new font/lang:

  • The font must support that language/character set
  • You have to add those characters to the font asset characters list

There is a number of character presets for some languages/character sets available but if your language isn’t there you will have to extract the characters from an online fonts tool and paste them at the Characters property.

No way, really? But Japanese language has a lot of characters (the three writing systems together) XD

I’l give up on adding Japanese then. I thought the font already had it. After all I use it in when I make websites and so on, and it changes the font for japanese characters.