Changing font size in legacy PlayCanvas Code Editor


I couldn’t change font size of code editor, i saw a lot of answer regarding that issue but none of them wouldn’t helpful. They say that there is a button called preferences but on my editor i can’t see it. What should i do to solve this issue?

I’m also using organization account, i’m not sure if it helps.


It should be under Edit >> Preferences
Can it be that you are still working with the legacy scripting system?
I think thats also using an older version of the editor.



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Thank you @swatty , it’s because of legacy scripting system as you said. I’ve just saw that and i couldn’t move the project. This is really bad.

Unfortunately there is no option in the legacy editor. You can either zoom in (Ctrl + + in Chrome) or inject a script/style with something like GreaseMonkey to override the CSS style.

It’s not a straightforward conversion to go from legacy to the new scripting system. See this post from Will Scripting 1.0 to scripting 2.0