Changing camera viewing vector?

Is there a way to change the direction the camera component on an entity is looking? And I don’t mean rotating the camera entity, I mean that now the camera always looks in the opposite direction of the entity’s forward vector. If I turn the camera to the left the x euler angle is positive and negative to the right. It would be a lot more intuitive for me if it were the opposite and I wouldn’t need to do any conversions for the data I am using.

PlayCanvas uses a right handed coordinate system where negative Z is ‘forward’. (Side note: entity.forward is the direction that the camera is facing).

I’m afraid that this cannot be changed.

You could write a wrapper function that does the conversion to help.

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Ah, I was comparing the view direction to the blue arrow in the translate gizmo. That set me off coming from Unity where the gizmo arrows point in the same direction as the local direction vectors of the transform (or world forward depending which mode you’re in).

Technically the gizmos are correct in the Editor. Those do represent the local axes.

However, it is common to want to know which way is forward for an entity so entity.forward is an alias for negative Z.

The local axes are independent the of direction.

Some modelling packages and I think Unreal has positive Z as Up.