☑ Changing behavior on zoom level - Planet map creation

Hello playcanvas community :slight_smile:

I want to implement a map for a fantasy planet for a pen and paper game in playcanvas. Later it is supposed to run in a webapplication.
This means that I will create a very big 3D model as the map and will want to show lines for the territories of different people, miniature cities and so on.
Since this could afford a lot of computing power, do any of you know if that is worth it? Since it should mainly be a map, and the 3D just a feature.

Second question regarding the zoom level: I want to show texts on different zoom levels, is that possible in playcanvas?

Thank you very much!

This all is possible, and simply up to you to implement as gameplay logic of your app :slight_smile:

Alright, will give it a try then :wink: thank you

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Feel free to get inspired :wink:

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