Change scene to a specific place in the app

Is there a way when changing scenes not to go to the beginning of the app? Instead go the a specific part of the main scene?


Not sure what you mean, can you give another example please?

I have two scenes a main and a second scene. The main scene has three buttons, the first two buttons modifies / makes changes to the main scene.

The third button changes the main scene to the second scene. I have a button in the second scene to change back to the main scene , But I don’t want to go to the beginning of the main scene. I want to got to the changes that were made either from button one or button 2 on the main scene. Is this possible?


It is possible but you have to store what changes are made by the player and remake them when the player goes back to the first scene.

Alternatively, you can just have both levels in one scene and just enable/disabled the root entity

OK Thanks