Change scene doesnt work properly

Hello guys, i tried change levels from tutorial which i made work, but when level is changed some of my triggers doesnt work, also after each bonus level my scene seem to e duplicated or something because there are multiple same objects

when i separately play scene they have no problem, but when i get to the scene through hierarchy change then it has multiple issues

  • on the picture you can see multiple characters
  • there is issue in every level, either it doesnt load scripts properly, or waypoints on the map are messed

Hello @smokys! Adding a link to your project is better for problems like this.

Adding a kino to the game:

@smokys try detaching the event using'event', this.Function, this); after it’s been touched, possibly that can help.

This one helped with duplicating objects, but still other bugs remaining and that triggers ignore lines of code or animations

@smokys can i see the scripts that have bugs

Its too many of them actually