Change primary build id or URL for game

Is there a way to change the project ID or the primary build URL for a published project?

hash of the project is permanent.
Why would you want to change it?

I gave the URL to someone but then the first customer wasn’t very happy with sharing it yet and now I want to make sure it’s not spread around…

As mentioned before. This hash is permanent.
There is no way to regenerate it from UI. This could be perhaps a feature. We will add it to backlog.

Like @max said that’s not possible at the moment. One thing you could do is fork the project and work on that instead of the original project. When you’re sure it all works you can delete the old Project or the old published apps.

I see. How unfortunate! In that case I’ll try and fork it. Would that create an identical copy of the project?

For the feature request then, perhaps the possibility to create multiple URLs or at least be able to generate it, or perhaps create aliases would be a nice idea.

Each build has own unique URL. Project although has constant URL.

Perhaps you could give sometimes to clients Build URL.
One of quick workaround you can do, is publish something that is not working and make it primary. And to the rest give build URLs.

Please check PM.

You still can use redirect from your domain.

And if you don’t want url to be changed, just inject iframe with your game into page.

Thanks, I’ll figure something out for this one.