Change Object using buttons

but how to make this one? after I click the button to change model it needs to change also the color selection of the frame

because I’m Using this code but this one is using the keyboard, How do I do to make that using the button instead of keyboard, where to change?

ANYONE CAN HELP? about this problem

Hi? anybody can help? because right now I can change the object by pressing the button but, right now I want to change the Object by clicking a button instead on pressing keyboard key

this is the code that I’m using in changing the object

and this is the link of my Scene

Your @JELS , the if statements in your code only has one = instead of ==. This means that your if statements are probably not doing what you are expecting.

There may be other issues but that one stands out immediately

In this post you already created a button to change a texture. Why you can’t do the same for the code above?

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