Change entities pivot point

How can I change the pivot point of an entity? I need to change the pivot point for rotation around the pivot point axis.
When I import a model as an .fbx file from Maya, the pivot points are not used when rotating ( .rotateLocal() ) a graph node in the imported model scene).

Root of a scene is used as pivot points from FBX.
You can position appropriately before exporting, so your pivot point in PlayCanvas will be in right place.
And if you have multiple entities, you more likely should export them as separate FBX’s, and then you will have separate entities, with hierarchy and own pivot points.

A quick workaround would be as well: create entity, put entity with model in that new entity and position so that created entity position is your pivot point, and then use that created entity for manipulation.

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Thank you for this clarification! It would be a really time-saving feature to be able to re-use the pivot points after export/import complex models via .fbx for animation. Please consider for future development and keep up the great work!

If it is a skinned model, then there is a way to get nodes of a model, and rotate them, consider exporting it as skinned (with animation) model.

We have found a way to preserve the local pivot when exporting from Maya via .fbx to playcanvas. We do wrap the Graph we want to rotate with a null object in maya, then position the wrapping null objects origin to match the desired rotation pivot. In playcanvas we now rotate the null object, which has the origin set to the desired rotation point. By using null objects for rotation we are able to export an entire scene graph from maya to playcanvas and rotate graphs on sub levels around their origins. perfect. Thank You for your help!

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Hi Milian. I am experiencing a similar problem. Can u please give a more clearer picture as to what you did. What do u mean wrap a graph with a null obejct? Do u mean we create another extra group for that object.?

hi … you can create a locator (in your 3d software) at the position where you want to have the pivot of an object and then parent
the desired object to this locator (null object) … export as fbx and now you should be able to rotate the object in playcanvas via the locator (with the specified pivot) … this means you don’t rotate the object itself, just the locator … i hope it works for you!