CCD on kinematic body

Hello all,

I have a fast moving kinematic body, can I enable CCD on a kinematic body which will interact with dynamic objects.

I have tried to enable it on this kinematic body but I dont think it is actually working.
setCcdSweptSphereRadius(0.3) (As the kinematic body is a sphere having 0.7 collision extent.)

I checked out the example on CCD physics but it is using a dynamic object and If I make it kinematic it passes through the surface. Here is the project:

I have not seen any topic on the internet discussing about enabling CCD on kinematic bodies using bullet/ammo.

I have a feeling CCD only applies to dynamic bodies and won’t work if enabled on kinematic bodies.

If CCD cannot be enabled on a kinematic body, how can I stop it from tunneling i.e clipping through dynamic bodies.

My current game:

Hmm. The only thing I can find online about CCD with kinematic bodies is:

And the answer isn’t particularly helpful. I’m not sure what to suggest beyond slowing down your kinematic bodies. :cry:

Thanks will, I already saw that thread.
It is still not known if CCD can be enabled on kinematic bodies.

I will have to slow them down then :roll_eyes: .

To be honest, if it was me, I would start consulting the Bullet source code to see whether the kinematic path ignored or respected the CCD properties of a body. But I can appreciate if you didn’t want to go to all that trouble. :slight_smile: However, the very fact that people seem to be reporting that it doesn’t work suggests no such code path exists.