☑ Cat rig with animations don't seem to work


Imported an animated model using a CAT rig, the model comes through fine but as soon as the animation component and animation clip is assigned to the model the entire thing breaks (model, not playcanvas). Below is a screenshot of before and after the components are added, if anyone knows a fix or what could be happening please let me know. Or if these rigs just aren’t implemented in general that’d be good to know, thanks!

Before: Screenshot - e265ba2a6e811c064a18875bf087b923 - Gyazo
After: Screenshot - 4d00e5503dab63e1353a5834edc2b79c - Gyazo

Poor cat… :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get link to simple project with repro?

Hi Max,

Here is a link to a project that just has the CAT rig in the project. One has the animation and one doesn’t, so you can see what’s happening.

Normal bipeds seem to work fine with animations though


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I found a problem. You have a duplicated names in your skeleton. They should have unique names.

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Ooh excellent, I’m not an animator myself so I haven’t looked into the rig that much I just thought I’d pose the question and see if others had experienced it!

I assume when it’s sent through the asset pipeline and converted into an engine ready animation it is skipping nodes because of the names already existing?

Thanks Max! I’ll let you know the outcome :slight_smile:

It’s more than the animation data contains an array of named nodes, where each node has a list of keyframes. When the animation is loaded, it uses the name of the node to link up to the correct node in the model’s hierarchy that shares that name. If the name is duplicated in the hierarchy, the first node with that name is returned - which might be the wrong one.

Thanks for the information, that makes sense as to why duplicate names would be a problem.

I exported a default CAT rig from 3dsmax, which looking at the hierarchy has unique names, and there still seems to be a problem with the animation :confused:

EDIT: got a few more ideas to try before I give up haha!


Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

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