CASE STUDY: Group Chat 3D Website, built on low-code

Hey PlayCanvas community, it’s been a while since my previous (Discord) posts on building 3D websites using PlayCanvas, and learned a bit more about the process so hopefully this update is helpful!

Context: what if early (practical) implementations of metaverse apps might look like common social apps redesigned as 3D websites?

To show an example, I got nerdy with some low-code tools (including PlayCanvas) and figured this case study / lessons learned could be helpful for anyone else exploring ways to make web apps more playful.

:arrow_upper_right: Explore my Website as a Video Game whitepaper

I have way too much fun talking about this stuff, so super happy to brainstorm or answer questions about challenging ‘gotchas’ encountered in my Group Chat 3D Website prototype :joystick:


Thanks for the sharing the write up, really nice to see the behind the scenes work on how it was built and the considerations that you had to take into account

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