Card inventory system


I know this is quite a bit to ask for, but this is the largest project I’ve attempted to create so far.
Does anybody know of useful resources on creating a simple inventory script that positions cards in slots? It will be somewhat like Pokémon, and I have an idea on how to create a deck system.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @RumaiIndustries,

That’s indeed a grant task on its own, what I would try and do is split it in smaller tasks. For example how to render a list of slots, how to render cards in each slot, how to move/animate a card into a slot etc.

Try a online search, a task like this would be similarly done in any game engine so any advice you find can be useful.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for the reply!
I made it work by simply saving a list of cards in localStorage, listing them as “locked”, and then allowing for them to be unlocked. It works well enough!

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