Cant see other people in multiplayer

So I was just making a casual game I wanted to play with my friends. Even though I had no experience in Playcanvas, it seemed promising. I am happy to see that it is a great engine. But I am having a problem with the multiplayer. I can’t see other players. I used the following tutorial-
Here is my project-
I would really appreciate it.

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Hi @totallynotapigeon!

It looks like the original project also doesn’t work at the moment.

Does the original project work for you?

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By the original project, do you mean the tutorial project? If so, then no, the tutorial project also doesn’t seem to work. I opened it in multiple tabs but I just saw one capsule. My walking code is different from the Tutorial too, does that affect anything?

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It looks like the tutorial project is broken.


Hopefully the @playcanvas_team is be able to fix this.

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it looks like playcanvas has a CORS policy misconfiguration, however, is loaded fine from (cloudflare). this websockets attempts to connect to a 3rd party server (via websockets):

the referrer is a playcanvas domain (the project is hosted there) which is a bit of a red herring. the socket is attempting to connect to or i think somebody edited the following line as a fix:

    var socket = io.connect(''); // Glitch hosted server

Which, for me, give a net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error. Maybe harmonious used to redirect to glitch and the project didnt change but this 3rd party site did.

The problem is this server being down and / or having CORS cross site scripting restrictions so that their API is not accessible from another website (technically: not accessible from the users browser when navigated to a domain that is not the same as the 3rd party domain).

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Thanks. Since the server is down, there’s nothing I can do about it though, so is there any other method that i can use?

You could try the other two options mentioned in that tutorial you linked above:

I tried the photon one and get two players if I launch the game twice (make sure to move them to see both, they get spawn at the same spot)