Can't open from closed branch ("Switch to Master Branch")

Hi everyone,
Not sure if this issue is on my side. I’ve been on that branch and someone else from the team closed it. I now can’t go to the master branch (I get an error in my browser). We worked around it (luckily he was still online) by re-opening the branch.

This button doesn’t work for me and the console in Chrome tells me:

ajax.js:51 Uncaught TypeError: window.assignEvents is not a function
at new AjaxRequest (ajax.js:51:12)
at Ajax (ajax.js:5:12)
at HTMLButtonElement. ((index):17:17)

I cleared my local storage, cookies, etc. but the error was still there.


If a branch is closed, you won’t be able to access it. In this case, you would switch to master, open the branch and switch back

But just reading the message again, the button doesn’t work. Let me take a quick look

Repro’ed, here’s our ticket:

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Thank you!

This has now been fixed in an Editor release: Release v1.21.67 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub