Can't move in the designer view

Hi !

I have a problem with the playcanvas editor. I running it on a Chromebook HP 14 (with Chrome OS, no Linux Crouton). When I press alt + left clic, I can’t move the designer view but a little menu appears with “cameras” and “shading” option… I tried with external keyboard and mouse but it doesn’t work too…

Tanks for your help and work !


Im not sure how it works on mac, but it sound like you are alt, right clicking. make sure that your mouse is not on left hand mode, and then try the middle mouse button while you hold alt see if you can scroll.

and because your on mac, give CMD click a shot…

Also future questions should be posted on the question forms.

Hi BloodyX! Yeah, I noticed this problem on my Samsung Chromebook. ALT + Left Mouse Button is treated by Chrome OS as a right click (which brings up the context menu in Designer). I will add this as a bug report. Sorry that this is affecting you. I can’t think of a workaround at the moment unfortunately…

Thanks for your answer !

Maybe you can add some option in order to set personnal shortcut… I will wait for a fix !

Thanks !

On the Chromebook I find Play Canvas absolutely unusable due to the fact that Alt-Click is like the right click on other computers; any fix.

Are you talking about the new Editor? That works perfectly on a Chromebook.

You can enable our new Beta Editor from your project settings. This has new camera controls which will work much better on Chromebooks. (You don’t need Alt)