Cant make a new project

Our team just started and we found this engine by suggestion we found but we cant seem to create a new project. I’ve gotten the best person at computers and hes the best at figuring out why something wont work, and even he cant get it to work. When we press create is says in a red bar: 404 Not Found.

Hmm… Doesn’t seem to be affecting me.

Could you post a screenshot of the error message and also what you are entering/options on the ‘Create Project’ dialog please?


Still having problems, @V_W_Entertainment? I am also unable to reproduce what you describe.

(Quite a bump but i kinda figured it out and it’s still happening today)
I had the same problem.
Actually found a solution(?). I had my username changed to “Dexon95” instead of letting it to “dexon95”.
Either the username change didn’t register somewhere or it doesn’t like caps letters. shrugs

The page’s url (which changed by it self after the name changing) would cause 404 errors when trying to create new projects (with any templates) and show the 404 error page when refreshing.
Going back to fixed everything as the username was still “dexon95”.