Can't launch from ios when certain model is added

the model is here

when i added model(mixamo michelle) to a scene, I can’t launch on my iphone. it keep loading and never started. But it worked on my galaxy and pc. There was no error and also i also tried model with animation and without

Can either of you please create/share a project that shows the issue please?

Just had a quick look on PC, you are using 750MB of VRAM


iOS will only let use 150MB or less most of the time

As most of the VRAM is from textures, you can try to use Basis to hardware compress them and use less VRAM but I still think you be over the limit. Texture Compression | Learn PlayCanvas

These textures are all 4K in dimensions. Do they need to be? Can they be reduced to 1K or even 512?

That will help a lot in the VRAM usage.